Top loading Snip-It® and Save rolls.

All roll x-ray viewers with white writing strip are available "ALL CLEAR" clear films (front and back), or "DIFFUSING" light diffusing film combination (frosted & clear) and are all top loading (x-ray insertion). These are full pocket mounts with 100% area of the x-ray visible for your examination. X-rays are held securely and protected, with no tabs to bend or grooves with glue.
SNIP-IT by Dramco(c)X-Ray Viewers that make sense!

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How Snip-its work
White Film Writing Space
Conventional Loading
#2 Standard (DF 40 & 58) #3 Bitewing (Narrow DF 42) Combination Roll: a #2 omniposition
over a #3 Bitewing
Slides 2"x2" (35 mm mounted) Polaroid(r) SX 70 Occlusal
Pedo #0 and #00 (DF 48 & 51)

Frosted Film Writing Space
Conventional Loading
Frosted #2 Standard Frosted Slides 2"x2" Frosted Occlusal
Frosted #3 Bitewing (Narrow DF 42) Frosted Pedo #0 & #00 (DF 48 & 51)

Prices effective September, 2005.
Dramco's mounts are warranted under normal and proper use against defective material and workmanship.
Dramco Assoc., Inc., assumes no responsibility for loss, damage, or inconvenience of any kind of incident to or occasioned by failure of this product except its obligation to repair or replace defective items as stated above.